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Healthy Holiday Swaps

The holiday season is here and it’s the time to enjoy it! As you gather with family and friends around tasty foods and treats, the temptation is high. No need to deprive yourself! We’ve compiled a list of smart swaps that can help you to stay energized and to enjoy your favorite holiday snacks while feeling good about it.

Healthy Holiday Swaps

  1. Instead of Milk Chocolate use Dark Chocolate.

  2. Making a dip? Substitute Greek Yogurt for the Sour Cream.

  3. Cauliflower, Sweet Potatoes, and Winter Squash are nutritious alternatives for Potatoes.

  4. Sweet tooth? Medjool Dates are a great stand in for refined Sugar.

  5. Sneak in some fiber and vitamins by using Veggie Noodles instead of Pasta.

  6. Greek Yogurt or Hummus is a delicious Cream Cheese replacement.

  7. Cashew (Nut Milks) can replace Heavy Cream.

  8. Roasted Sweet Potatoes instead of Sweet Potato Casserole.

  9. Delicious fresh Green Beans rather than Green Bean Casserole.

  10. Half Mashed Cauliflower/Half Mashed Potatoes vs. all Mashed Potatoes.

  11. Almond and Soy Eggnog Alternatives are yummy ways to protect your gut health.

  12. Whole Grain Bread with Olive Oil for dipping is a great replacement for Rolls and Butter.

Benefits of Food Swapping VS. Food Avoidance

It can be tempting to declare our favorite treats “off limits” during the holidays. We tell ourselves that we’ll have better control if we just avoid the food altogether. However, the truth is that avoiding certain foods can cause unnecessary stress and, in turn, cause us to overeat. Healthy holiday food swaps keep us from depriving ourselves to the point where we lose control. It also has the added bonus of satisfying our cravings for our seasonal favorites without guilt.

Extra Tips

When preparing your holiday meals, try to pick foods that are higher in nutrients. Turkey tends to have fewer calories and more protein than other holiday meats. Load up on the vegetables and go lighter on the casseroles. Choosing baked dishes over fried foods is always a smart choice.

We hope you have a wonderful and delicious holiday season.

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