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Home Health FAQS

  • What is home health care?
    Home health care provides skilled health care services to homebound patients such as: Skilled nursing Physical therapy Occupational therapy Speech therapy Home Health aide Medical social work These services are provided to you wherever you call home.
  • Who is eligible for home health care?
    You may be eligible to receive home health care under the Medicare benefit if: Your doctor prescribes home health care for you. You need either skilled nursing care or therapy (physical/occupational/speech therapy) on an intermittent basis. Your condition limits your ability to leave home, without assistance of a person or an asstive device.
  • Can I request Accomplished Home Care specifically for home health?
    Absolutely. We would love to be part of your care plan. Federal law states that patients have the right to choose their health care providers.
  • Who pays for home health care?
    Your home health care is covered 100% by your tradtional Medicare. Your private insurance may also cover a percentage of your home health care.
  • Do I have to be hospitalized to get home health care?
    The answer to that is no. Hospitalization is not a requirement for home heath care. Patients can also be referred by their doctor.
  • Is there a difference between home health care and private duty?
    Yes there is a difference between home health care and private duty care. Home health care requires an order from a doctor and provides you with skilled clinical services such as nursing, physical and occupational therapy. Private duty services include help with bathing, dressing, cleaning and meal preperation.
  • How often will my home health visits be?
    The frequency depends entirely on the patients needs and the plan of care created by your care team and your doctor. It can vary and be adjusted as necessary to provide you with the best home health care for your needs.
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